Our Story

Detoorp is an aesthetic marketplace featuring sustainable household + self-care products, curated to inspire a green modern lifestyle infused with sensory indulgence.

This is how we've come to this...

At Detoorp, we're driven by a desire to change the status quo. Traditional household products laden with harmful chemicals have long harmed our planet. That's why we're dedicated to offering an organic and eco-friendly approach to modern living.

Would you like to make a detour to a more sustainable living?

Your journey

Switching to a sustainable lifestyle is challenging, especially when local stores lack eco-friendly options. That's where Detoorp comes in, our online marketplace curates eco-friendly household products from across the globe. We understand that embracing eco-conscious living is a journey, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Our passion is to provide a diverse range of alternatives to conventional products, ensuring that you can reduce your environmental footprint with style.

Turn house chores into delightful experiences.

At Detoorp, we believe that using household and self-care products can be a sensory pleasurable experience. We carefully select products that stimulate our visual and olfactory senses, featuring beautiful package designs and natural scents.

Household and self-care products that enlighten your senses.

We hand-pick each item in our collection based on their visual appeal and ability to evoke positive emotions. Our customers can enjoy using these products or simply displaying them in their stylish bathroom or designer cupboard.

Discover natural scents that foster positivity, relaxation, and tranquility. Our products feature an array of refreshing and revitalising fragrances such as lavender, bergamot, rose, sandalwood, geranium, and patchouli etc.

Our Story