Our Core Value

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that small changes in our daily habits can have a big impact on the health of our planet. 

We want to empower you to make conscious choices that not only benefit your own well-being and your quality of lifestyle, but also contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet.

Together, we can make a difference and create a greener, cleaner and better world for generations to come.


Our Collection of Products

We're passionate about sustainability and sourcing environmentally-friendly household and self-care products. We love independent brands that share our values and strive to reduce their environmental impact. We carefully select products based not only on the brand's mission and philosophy, but also on the ingredients and formulation. We believe that every small step counts, and we're proud to offer a range of products that can help customers make more sustainable choices in their modern living.

We take pride in our careful curation of products that prioritise sustainability, and we consider a number of factors when choosing which products to feature on our marketplace. The products embody one or more of the following sustainable aspects:


We choose products which do not contain any animal-derived ingredients or by-products. By choosing vegan products, we can help reduce the impact of animal agriculture on the environment.

    Cruelty Free

    We choose products they are not tested on animals at any stage of production. This ensures that no animals are harmed in the creation of the products we feature on our site.

      Plant-based / Natural

      We choose products that use plant-based or natural ingredients. We believe that nature has provided us with everything we need to live sustainably, and we work to support brands that use natural ingredients to create effective products.

        Plastic Free

        We choose products that are packaged in sustainable, plastic-free materials whenever possible. Those are often paper-based products. We believe that reducing our reliance on plastic is essential to protecting the environment and reducing waste.

          Refill options

          We choose products that offer refill options, allowing you to reuse the original packaging and reduce waste. By choosing refillable products, we can help reduce the amount of packaging waste that ends up in landfills.


            We offer a range of probiotic products that harness the power of beneficial bacteria to help clean and purify your home. These products are not only effective at cleaning, but also help support the natural balance of bacteria in your home and reduce the need for harsh chemicals.

                    By considering all of these aspects when selecting products for our marketplace, we can help support a sustainable future and empower you to make informed choices about the products you use in your home.

                    We recognise that sustainability is a journey that requires continuous effort, and we're excited to be part of a growing movement of businesses working towards a more sustainable future. By coming together, we can create a positive snowball effect and make a real difference in the world.


                    Our Packaging For Your Orders


                    The cardboard we use for deliveries are fully recycled and recyclable. 

                    Labels and Tapes

                    Postage labels are BPA free. Tapes are made from a kraft paper and recyclable.


                    We sometimes use extra paper-based protection for delicate products. The normal wrapping papers are either reused or recycled and recyclable. The honey comb wrapping papers (used when necessary) are biodegradable and recyclable.