The small, evergreen lemon tree, growing up to eighteen feet tall, features serrated oval leaves, thorny branches, and fragrant white or pale-pink flowers. Native to India and Asia, Citrus limon produces green fruits that turn sunshine-yellow when ripe. Thriving in Mediterranean climates, lemon trees are cultivated in regions like Guinea, Israel, Italy, and the Americas. Cold expression of fresh peels yields a pale greenish-yellow oil with a fresh, light, slightly sharp but sweet scent. Approximately 1,000 lemons are needed to produce one pound of oil.

Emotional Effects

Lemon scent is cooling, refreshing, and uplifting. It enhances clarity, concentration, and recall, while calming emotional outbursts. Known to combat depression and ease fear, lemon oil strengthens resolve, aids in communication, and improves decision-making skills.

Principal Properties

Tonic | Detoxifying | Purifying


Fruity | Clean | Refreshing

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