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The Lab Co. | Denim Laundry Mist

The Lab Co. | Denim Laundry Mist

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This denim laundry mist eliminates bad odours and protects fabric fibres, all without the need for harsh chemicals. This denim spray is designed for those who want a quick refresh without the hassle of hand washing or quick-wash cycles, our innovative formula gets to work with just a few quick sprays.

Say goodbye to bad smells and hello to fresh, clean clothes that look and feel great. Our formula also helps to extend the lifespan of your denim, so you can enjoy your favourite pieces for longer. Don't let frequent washing impact your denim's fit or colour.

Detoorp remark: We know you don't like washing your denim, so this denim refresh spray is a perfect solution.

Plant-basedVegan FriendlyCruelty FreeMade in UKRecyclable Package

150ml | Bergamot, Mandarin Rind and Black Pepper

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